5 Reasons Why Foundation Matters, and What Are Its Textures?


Even though you have been told foundation is an essential step in your face makeup, sometimes you want to skip it for whichever reason: lazy in the morning, it ran out so you are rethinking its importance, you’re already taking care of your skin and it looks great, then maybe there is no need to cover it up?


Because it is common knowledge that it is important, but the reasons behind it are not THAT known; we have gathered 5 reasons why foundation matters, so you would not have to rethink it again.


Moreover, a lot of people of color skip this step altogether, and even though there are not a lot of foundation shades for darker shades of skin, the search is worth it. Here are the reasons why:




Long term effect


face makeup

While you can look great without any foundation, it won’t last. Your skin has its natural oils that won’t look great with your face makeup after a while or if you exert some effort, and as a result, it will start fading, turning into a paste, or look kind of muddy.


With the right foundation for your skin, your face will remain as fresh as it was when you first applied your makeup, it’s just that it’s all about finding the right type for your skin.


Not just cosmetic


This may have not passed by your mind, but foundations are no longer just cosmetic anymore. They have more benefits than just covering up your face and wrinkles since they now include moisturizers, BB cream, or even sunscreen.


Hides imperfections


A tired/pale face, skin pores, acne, redness, scars, and pigmentations are all some of the imperfections that you may want to hide for your face makeup, whether daily or occasional, and a perfect looking skin starts from hiding these small details with the foundation that best suits your skin tone.




Just like canvas


powder foundationThink of foundation as the canvas for your face makeup routine! We mentioned before that it can help your makeup last longer so you would not need to reapply it every couple of hours, but did you also know that it can help your makeup stand out?


It would show every detail you put, from blushers and highlighter to concealers. It helps them go on smoothly and helps YOU get the most out of every other product.


Evens out your skin tone


The most obvious one, but still necessary! Let’s say you have an event you’re attending soon and you have all of your outfit ready for photographs, you have thought out every detail of the day and even your poses, why ruin that with different skin tones in photos? Making sure you get a foundation that fits your skin tone is one of your priorities/keys for a great photoshoot.


You can check our website for great foundations for every skin type.


Foundation textures


mousse foundationNow that we agree on why it's important, let’s delve into it a bit more.


If you have tried putting on foundation with your make up, but have not had any luck in its final look, whether it ended up looking cakey, powdery, or just plain bad, then there was a reason for it, could have been a bad product or bad application technique.


End of the day you were not satisfied with your experience and left you dissatisfied with it as a whole. Maybe it could just have been a bad photo, but that would be out of our hands. What we can help with though; is explaining one of the reasons that a lot of girls end up with bad foundation and that is… drumroll... Foundation Textures!


Foundation has types, shades, brands, and textures. But since the first three we mentioned are pretty self-explanatory, we’ll go into detail about textures.

liquid foundationWhat are the main foundation textures?


The most popular foundation textures are liquid, powder, and mousse. There are more but since they are not as popular or common, we’ll get you familiar with the basis for the three we mentioned. Find them explained below:


Liquid Foundation


Who it is for:


Everyone and we mean literally everyone. All you need to know before taking the step to buy liquid foundation is only getting to know your skin type and that is it, you’ll be choosing which liquid foundation easily from the wide range of colors and brands.


face makeupWhy get it in liquid form?


If you’re familiar with the foundation packaging, you will be familiar with products specifying which skin type it is best for. Liquid foundation can have hydrating agents as well, so keep that in mind based on your skincare needs.


Powder Foundation


Who it is for:


Light handed medium oily faced people. Again, light-handed!




why foundation mattersPowder foundation can look muddy pretty quickly if your face is too oily, and can look too dusty if your face is too dry… Leading it to land in your skin lines. Let’s just say it is not a great look.


If you can be pretty heavy-handed and generous in applying powder, then skip powder foundation, as it needs the right light amount of pressure and blending. If it increases though, it can go sideways and get messy.


Mousse Foundation


Who it is for:


Mousse foundation is best for people with oily and combination skin. Not so much for people with dry skin.




face makeupMousse foundation gives a long-lasting light to medium matte coverage. Besides that, it has a very airy texture and feels to it, which is very easy to apply whether by hand or brush. But if someone’s skin is too dry, it can be hard to apply its water-based texture.


If you haven’t had any foundation in your face makeup routine yet, or have not found the right shade for your skin, make sure to check out our vast selection of foundation that will not only fit your skin tone like it’s your own skin but will nourish and protect it.

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