How Can You Enjoy the Black Friday Makeup Sale From Home?

black fridayIf 2020 made you think that you’re not going to get any products on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday then you’re wrong. While quarantine can hold you back from going to the mall or going to physical stores, it’s not going to stop you from getting valuable offers from your favorite stores online!

One of the biggest sales that happen online is the makeup sale! The cosmetics industry doesn’t shy away from big discounts when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Back to back offers from the best brands? We sure would LOVE that ourselves.


What offers exactly are we speaking of?


makeup saleSpeaking of our own, we have a multiple price range offer, so the more items you get, the bigger the offer! And that is on the total value of your order, we would not be putting a high discount on something you will not get, but rather you will get the offers on whatever items you really want for your monthly care routines, you can get to the end of the article to find out what the sales are.


However, there can be little time for preparation for this purchase mania and you still get surprised by the offers, so to keep yourself prepared, here are a couple of tricks and advice that we have for you to make sure you make the most of these offers, and to make sure that you don’t miss out on any money you could have saved later when the offers are done!


Intrigued? Read on!


Make a list!


makeup saleWhile you might go ahead and scroll through the websites left and right trying to pick whatever grabs your attention, it could be an idea of great benefit to make a list of all the items you need the next couple of months, and that includes gifts! If your friends and loved ones love a few cosmetics and hair care, then make sure to stock up on those when you have the chance!


Be quick


During the Black Friday makeup discounts and Cyber Monday offers, products run out of stock very quickly and it might be an opportunity wasted, why let that happen? When the offer days come, check the website quickly for what you want, add to cart, and purchase them before someone else gets to the same items.


Check the makeup sales every day


make up saleIf there was an item you wanted but couldn’t find on websites you like, make sure to check on it the next day, stores are always aware that demand can be high in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons and they put that into consideration, so an item that ran out yesterday might become available today, you never know, and so, get it out of the way and check to see your favorite items.


Higher the price, the better the deal!


If you have a limit on how many items you can buy for whatever reason, then you should pick the priciest item on your list. While buying the cheapest can make sense at first, getting 25% off an expensive item will save you more money than buying a cheaper one.

black friday saleNow that you have a checklist of things to do, what about the THINGS  you want to get? 


Sometimes when there is a lot going on, you kind of forget about all the dates and sale season and then they go by and you realize that there were things you wanted to buy that you could have bought in that period but haven’t.


There is also this thing that happens once in a while where people want to try something new, nothing specific, but anything new and they don’t want to pay full price for it since it’s just a first-time trial. That’s where we come in, we have got you some recommendations for products that may be the items you will buy from this day on!


Recommended Products


wigs black fridayWigs


Wigs are the perfect products to buy on sale, they are more expensive than other products and so the sale will save you even more money.


If you’re looking for new wigs to try, make sure to give the following ones a go! 


The Dream Hair Brazilian Virgin Full Lace Wig is our absolute favorite and this Dream Hair Full Human Hair Wig comes as a close second.


These wigs are exceptionally good, they are completely made of natural hair, and above that: the styles they come in are gorgeous, and you would not need to style them unless you want to.






hair curlerWhile spending money on tools you already have can be seen as unnecessary, getting them on sale is a good motivation, you will buy the tools and they will remain with you up until you need new ones!


Here are a few ones you definitely want:


A new curling iron


If yours has been on curling duty for a long time then it’s time to get a new one! And GA.MA’s curling iron is nothing short of perfect with IHT technology, this Italian professional curler will instantly curl your hair with no hassle once it heats up.

It will not burn you since it has an anti-burn tip, it will also never cause any fire since it automatically turns off after 60 minutes of being powered.

black friday



A Salon level hair scissors!


Sure, you’re going to think “Why splurge a lot of money on a scissor?” Because it is not a regular scissor! It’s great quality hair scissors that are specifically designed for cutting your hair.


This Nikarma "NIKO II" BD 55 5.5 inch hair cutting scissors has 3 different steel grades and has a 10-year guarantee. Make sure to grab it before it runs out!





makeup saleHair Perfecter!


You must have heard of Olaplex number 3! It is a home treatment for damaged hair that actually works magic!


It works on linking your broken hair together to get it back to a healthier state, after the damage that results from hair dyes, heat, or chemical treatments.


So many have tried this before and everyone always has good things to say about it. Some even say that they saw a big difference from the first time they used it.



What are 2020’s offers on GT World of Beauty? 


We’ll get to the point, here you go: 

black friday sale

  • You will get 25% off your total order for purchases above €300,00

black friday

  • You can get 20% off your total for purchases above €200,00

makeup sale

  • Get 15% off your total order for any purchase you make, no matter how small the is!

All you need to do to get the discount is go to our homepage, copy the voucher code, and add it to your checkout page after you place your order! 


If you want to take a look at more products or if you have other products in mind, go ahead and check our entire website! Happy Shopping!


black friday make up sale

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