12 Beauty Podcasts You Need to Be Following


If you have been looking for a way to spend an hour for a bit of escapism in your day, or if you are trying to up your beauty game, then your go-to solution is beauty podcasts!


There are some beauty podcasts that are well-worthy of your time, will captivate you, and grab your attention for their entire running time… for that, we have got you the best 12 of them!




1. The Beauty Brains


This podcast is the first on the list because it may be the most unique of them all! The podcast is hosted by cosmetics chemistry experts Valerie George and Randy Schuelle, and has been running for a while…


It received great feedback since it launched and has been giving people the best advice on which beauty products to avoid in terms of chemicals and ingredients, as well as discussing questions that can boggle your mind!


Beauty products podcast

2. Beauty Closet


By none other than Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's famous beauty company. Dermatologists and clean beauty founders are among the podcasts guests who weigh in with their opinions and vision for the listener’s benefit.


The boss herself, Gwyneth Paltrow is a usual guest on the podcast and listeners get a closer idea of her opinions and what she thinks of whatever the episode’s topic is!




3. Breaking Beauty


This podcast is made by beauty industry professionals and founders of Breaking Beauty Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, they host the show every time and invite other professionals to the podcast for their perspective and take on various topics.


What topics? They go through everything! From trends to brands, and makeup products. You should surely give it a listen sometime.



4. Full Coverage


The name says it all, the podcast’s name is Full Coverage and they really do cover everything.


One episode might be about beauty diversity, the other about beauty operations, and another about discrimination in the beauty industry based on age. It covers everything.



Makeup products podcast

5. Beauty from the Heart


A podcast hosted by Rose Gallagher, that differs from all of the above because of its direction.


When Rose launched the podcast, she intended to make a space for people to have loving and meaningful discussions about the beauty industry, not just the skincare products and politics of it all. She has succeeded in doing that and continues to do it until today.


6. Fat Mascara


This one is an award-winning beauty podcast! Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan take you behind the curtains in their podcast to tell you of their insights into the beauty industry.


They don’t just give their own insights, but they bring advice from famous beauty gurus right into your ears, all you need to do is just listen to their podcast.



Skincare products

7. Make Me Over


The beauty industry has long had a monopoly over beauty standards and what it means to be beautiful, and to this day, there are some pretty serious discussions on how Hollywood can transform the wrongfully built idea that beauty is white.


Author Karina Longworth takes the drive wheel in this podcast to have these gritty conversations, from black beauty to women of color taking charge of changing the narrative!


8. Gals on the Go


Beauty, Makeup products, and Lifestyle? Gals on the Go by Brooke and Danielle talk about all that you might want to hear every Wednesday.


It is a podcast from the perspective of the two beloved influencers and their interviewees, that come in all expertise and professions.



Cosmetics podcast

9. Beyond the Beauty


Let’s break the monotony a bit, shall we? This podcast is hosted by Bobbi Brown and takes on a more professional attitude than the other ones we have mentioned so far, and to give you an idea: Brown invites guests that are doctors and entrepreneurs!


Beyond just the front face of beauty, the podcast discusses things like health, lifestyle, and still, beauty overall! They just state that beauty does not come from the best skincare products or cosmetics.




10. Glowing Up with Esther and Caroline


Girly and glowy? Esther and Caroline take it to the next level, they talk about make-up, health, and related trends.


Just as the podcast’s name suggests, they plan to take you from where you are, and level you up to the glowing up phase! You will be educated on what you should ditch, what trends you should adopt in your makeup, and what you can do for your health to have a full glow by the time they are done preaching their ideas…



best skincare products

11. Beauty is Your Business


Beauty is Your Business or rather BIYB is not just a beauty podcast but a tech one as well, however, attention goes to the lifestyle industry, beauty, and cosmetics. With weekly episodes, the podcast discusses recent trends and news.


The BIYB podcast is hosted by Karen Moon, April Franzino, Abby Wallach, and other industry leaders, in order to combine all their expertise to benefit you the most they can on whatever the week’s episode is about.





makeup podcasts

12. Forever35


This is one is unique, from the name, you can guess that it is hosted by 35-year-olds, right? Well, it is. Two friends from Los Angeles (Writers Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer) launched the podcast a year ago in 2019 to talk about “the things they do to take care of themselves, and serums.”


Catch Doree and Kate biweekly episodes on Monday and Thursday for all sorts of entertainment and benefits: a fun conversation, product reviews, comparisons, and even promo codes! They talk about anything and everything.

Their friendship really shows in every conversation they delve into, and you will feel included like you are one of their clique.





Now, do you have the list? You should start choosing which one you will be binge-listen to this weekend! Is it the one that discusses skincare products, makeup products, or cosmetics?


Think it over, but at the end of the day, make sure to benefit from these beauty industry experts with all you can!

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